7 “PRICE ACTION SECRET” That No One Will Tell You (How TO Guide) Updated for May 19 2023

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When the price reaches a level of support or resistance, stability changes between patrons and sellers.

This graph shows a head and shoulder assembly with several “white” areas on the left.

If the price reaches the same level of resistance again, there will be fewer sellers waiting.

It doesn’t matter if you are a stock trader, a technology trader or a day trader, if there is no right area size, you will eventually run out of your buying and selling account. .

Resistance gradually weakened until buyers could no longer satisfy the resistance and the price could go up and continue the rising trend. The stages of the map can be perceived by everyone as they symbolize the battle between consumers and retailers.

The part with the pattern pushes the value up, which means that the buyer protrudes.

Consolidation meant a temporary halt to the pattern; however, the pattern is maintained until the price reaches a new high during the upward trend.

The corrections show the short-term progress of the opposition.

If you prevent this, the cartridge will continue to work there. On the other hand, long correction phases will become new trends over time if the power ratio changes completely.

Price is one of the most popular marketing ideas.

A trader who knows the tips on how to use price action correctly can always improve his efficiency and the way he views interest charts.

However, they are surrounded by many misconceptions and half-truths that confuse traders and lead them to failure.

In this text, we will explore the 8 most important secrets of a price promotion and share one of the best ideas for buying a promotional and selling price. It is very easy for a professional trader to estimate the area entered by amateur traders and to stop the areas as an exemplary price action class.

The “stop hunting” you see is not done by your broker, although profitable traders simply force amateurs to generate more liquidity.

However, if you are willing to count the time to manage trading in a price action, you may have a good chance of becoming a regular profitable trader.


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Everyone learns at their own pace, nothing in forex is guaranteed and past profits do not guarantee future profits. I am in no way giving you financial advice and any money you lose is 100% at your own power. Enjoy the eduction!!

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