Adx Vma6_12bar Indicator Updated for November 23 2022

You can open the properties of your ZZ_MTF_XO_A, click on on tap level – this next to colors, click on on Add and 0.0 is default one. You can even change it to a level you like . For a really practial “real world” trading. In trading, each winners and losers are smart!!! Thank you very a lot Blu-Ray for the ELD codes.

  • Thanks to Soultrader to keep you on this discussion board.
  • By the greatest way, you will show that you are better than many of the gurus by giving all your indicators to members of this forum.
  • It is feasible that the info feed is the cause that Metastock responses quicker than Tradestation.
  • Jose Silva has many complicated and good indicators that solely available in Metastock.
  • This video made me snort so loud that my wife need to see it.

Walterw, The Chimp obtained the reward with kisses from a wonderful girl!!! This video made me snicker so loud that my wife need to see it. In time period of beauty options (display color, textual content, multi windows, etc…) and back testing, Tradestation is healthier than Metastock.

Multi Timeframe Indicators

I’m testing the indications on shares. Do you’ve any recommendations about settings? Regarding the CCI, there are several variations, might you please submit your Tradestation version?


I even have not discovered any complicated indicators that work in Tradestation and didn’t work in Metastock. I use Metastock as trading chart and Tradestation as again up. If a thousand newbies give “donation” from $50 to $500; on average is one thousand X$100 # $100,000.

Vma Forex Trading

Protocol via Mellanox’s VMA (Mellanox Message. Hi Tysgels, was capable of make considered one of them mtf, and added alerts. Hi UrmaBlume, Thank you for your informations. If you’ve time, please share some extra of your trading knowledges. Jose Silva has many complex and good indicators that only obtainable in Metastock.


I would like to buy my “first boat”. I use the same indicators on Metastock and Tradestation to verify in realtime. Metastock uses Esignal as information feed; Tradestation uses its own data feed. It is possible that the data feed is the trigger that Metastock responses sooner than Tradestation. If you’re day trader, you’ve the advantage utilizing Metastock. For the identical indicator, you write several lines of codes as a substitute of many lines for Tradestation.

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UrmaBlume, Your name was subtle like a GURU. I thought you was banned for some of your “spam concepts” per some reviewers. Thanks to Soultrader to keep you on this discussion board.


By the way, you’ll show that you are higher than most of the gurus by giving all your indicators to members of this forum. Welcome to the new Traders Laboratory! Please bear with us as we finish the migration over the following few days. If you find any points, need to leave feedback, get in contact with us, or provide ideas please publish to the Support discussion board right here. A easy international trade trading system and deployed it on parts of the FX matching engine.

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There are many sources for Metastock and ten of thousand customers worldwide. Metastock indicators response quicker than Tradestation in realtime, in some cases . Both Metastock and Tradestation will slowdown or hang up when market may be very fast. However, Metastock displays message to warn you about it; Tradestation did NOT show any message so you still assume the chart is active . Anyway, my question is if somebody could be prepared to assist me in including a “Levels” capability to the ADXVMA6 indicator? I’ve included a picture that exhibits a blue WMA with levels .


You are essentially the most sensible and of course humorous “Chimp” that I know. You has charisma that entice many proficient traders to hitch you as a staff. I am sure your Forex research will bring you an “Oscar” level of efficiency.

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If anyone could assist me out, by including “levels” capabilities I would discover it useful to my trades and my confidence. These are the one two indicators I use (in addition to fibs, S/R and trendlines), so your assist would actually spherical out my trading objectivity. ADXVMA6_12bar is a mt4 indicator and it can be used with any foreign currency trading methods / strategies for additional confirmation of trading entries or exits.

TRO is a “genius” in code writting. He has written “thousand of indicators” and most of them are free, “a couple of good indicators” he uses them as “carrot” for newbies. They like indicators so he get “donation” cash from them. He additionally said “do NOT use indicators”. Mrtools, if the second indicator is not decompiled , I’d like to publish my idea of an mtf version, if this is happy with you.

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I am very excited to test them proper now. I set the ADXbar as a subwindow but can not get the levels to appear even though I place them in levels choice.


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